• Created in 1987 under the impetus of the ACPUL (Association of Constructors of Ultralight Gliders), the AEROTEST, is the official certification body of reference of the French Federation of Free Flight.

    The laboratory team is made up of specialists and expert pilots in the fields of paragliding. Very involved in areas relating to the safety of equipment and pilots, the test laboratory has actively participated in the development and evolution of European standards, within WG6 (working group developing standards within the European standardization committee ).

     The test laboratory, mainly, implements the test procedures according to the current European standards relating to the paraglider and its accessories.

     The laboratory is insured for civil liability for the performance of laboratory tests, in particular paragliders, harnesses, parachutes, kite bars, release systems and all equipment for the practice of free flight, carrying out technical studies related to the practice of free flight, research and development related to the practice of free flight and the certification of equipment intended for the practice of free flight. The cover applies to risks on the ground as well as in flight and applies to control and reception flights.

       The different standards applicable to paragliding Paragliding sport activity is subject to the following 5 standards :

     • EN 926-1 (10-2006): resistance tests of paraglider structures

     • EN 926-2 (08-2005): paraglider flight tests

     • EN 1651: harness test • EN 12491 (06-2001): emergency parachutes test

     • EN 966 (05-1996): air sports helmets.

    In addition to the tests in charge of paragliders used in free flight, the test laboratory of the French Federation of Free Flight carries out the validation of the mechanical resistance criteria of the wings used in paramotors, criteria specified in the instruction of February 21, 2012 relating to ultralight motorized aircraft (French DGAC) paragraph 7.4.1. Ground tests for class 1 (paramotors).